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Pep Bou, a dreamer of impossibilities and improbabilities, has over twenty years behind him on his professional road, charming and enchanting all types of audiences with his soap-bubble shows.

In recent years, in addition to the theatre format, Pep Bou has also offered a more intimate show, suitable for meetings and special events, which has met with fantastic acceptance all over the world. That is why the company is offering this show as an additional option.

Bubbles à la Carte is the proposal offered for these special occasions, harmoniously bringing together imagination and complicity with the audience, adapting each show to the specific spaces and needs of each group.

Pep Bou selects excerpts from his best numbers and adapts the show to each theatre or space and then adds new elements to custom-design a performance that lasts from five to forty minutes. Bubbles a la Carte adopts the name Cells & Planets when collaborating with science museums or science-based organisations. The bubbles here, in addition to being visually poetic, are used to clearly explain and illustrate a multitude of physical phenomena.

Whatever its format, Bubbles a la Carte is a performance that is UNIQUE, ELEGANT, SURPRISING, NOVEL and UNIVERSAL.