In the David Ruano’s photographic studio something is happening…


The new Pep Bou Company’s show is coming!


Ephemeral poetry for all audiences

“The possibilities of this art seem endless, especially once reached the technical perfection at the time of creating forms with water and soap. Two actors, Eduardo Telletxea and Agustí Sanllehí from Terrassa are bubble makers in the stage and not only that, but also mimes, jugglers, visual acrobats and almost alchemists, elaborating complicated and evocative…


Newspaper praises Pep Bou

The newspaper Zaragoza Buenas Noticias, of the Aragonese capital, echoes the last visit of Pep Bou. According to journalists, “This alchemist of soap and gesture poetry, who has recently been at the Market Theater, knows how to fuse the elements with a very refined style. We attend to the construction of beauty and can visualize…


New show “Pep Bou experiències”

Pep Bou Experiències is a show created thanks to years of experimentation in the world of physics and a long history in the world of visual theater. Starting from three simple elements -soap, water and live music – the show is structured through anthological elements offering a synthesis of an audiovisual and theatrical language of…