The essence of a classic

On an early evening in the autumn of 1982, Pep Bou performed his show for the first time, implemented entirely with soap bubbles. Nights and decades have gone by and the essence of this same production has appeared on stages around the world. Audiences from the six continents have watched and enjoyed the spirit of a unique language created by a man from the Catalan town of Granollers who trained as a quantity surveyor. At a turning point in his career, he decided to exchange tangible spaces in order to design the ephemeral beauty of spaces created by soap bubbles.

Over the course of time, Pep Bou has made his language evolve and, through experimentation and research, he has created other stagings that have displayed new ways of understanding space. However, it is with BUFAPLANETES and now with REBUFAPLANETES that the Catalan artist has attained his maximum splendour, achieving the perfect balance and harmony between technical precision and theatrical excellence.

REBUFAPLANETES is now presenting a show to his aficionados as a revision and updating of BUFAPLANETES that has become a ‘classic’ on the Catalan theatre scene and an inescapable reference for European visual theatre.

This show contains all the ingredients of a major work in capital letters, including an excellent storyline, visual grandiosity and great originality. Audiences of all ages have cherished these factors and have delightedly followed him for over 27 years now.

And the fact is that there is nothing more alluring for audiences from around the world than to find a performer on the stage who is capable of captivating them with the fragile beauty of a soap bubble.